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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by prospective piano, organ & voice students and their parents. 

If you have any other questions for me, please feel free to send me a message or email!

Where can I login to my account?

Right above this article!

What lesson length do I need?

Where are the piano lessons held?

Lessons are Online and in the Trinity Music Lessons studio.

Do I need a piano at home?

You definitely need some kind of a practice instrument. Acoustic pianos are always best, but a full size (88 key) WEIGHTED KEYS digital piano can suffice for the beginning stages. 

How much practice is necessary?

This depends on the level and age of the student, and how fast they want to progress. The most important thing is that practice happens every day and that weekly assignments are completed. That said this is how long it will normally take to practice what I assign:

Another handy guideline is that students should practice for 2 times their age. So a 5 year old would practice for 10 minutes and a 10 year old would practice for 20 minutes a day.

What books do I need and where do I get them?

Books and materials are included in your registration fee. You never need to get any books, I’ll do all that for you.

My philosophy is to work with each student on their unique level. To do this I use many different books and methods to suit different learning styles. Some of my most commonly used series include Wunderkeys, Cascade Method, TopMusicCo, Piano Pronto, SuperSonics, Faber, Hal Leonard. I have created my own method for preschoolers, beginners, and teens. I’m constantly researching new methodology and expanding the library. I always strive to find the music that inspires each and every student.

Do you teach adults?

Absolutely! Adults of any level are extremely welcome, please visit the adults page for more information.

What’s the youngest age student you will teach?

We teach students as young as three and a half. Visit the page for more about how I teach my youngest students.

Do your students get opportunities to perform?

Yes! Getting to share music with others is one of my favorite parts of music. There will be 2 recitals a year, performance opportunities at malls, churches, nursing homes, coffee shops, assisted livings, festivals, and i encourage all students to look for other activites to use their talent.

Recitals are the Best! Students are welcome to perform when they have their songs performance ready. Students not quite ready or shy students are welcome to come and watch and cheer on their peers.

Do your students do exams?

Students are welcome to take exams, but it’s not a requirement. 

Do you offer group lessons?

Most students take buddy lessons which combine private and partner instruction to get the best of both worlds. 

Yes there are also group lessons for different age groups.

What type of music can I learn?

I teach any and all genre’s of music that a student wants to learn. Nothing is off the menu!

I love chord methods for fast progress. Some classical music is necessary for good progress to be made. My students learn pop, jazz, showtunes, movie themes, video games, youtube specials, blues, country, folk, hymns, contemporary, lyrical and rock – if the student loves the music that's the best motivation there is! 

How can I pay my tuition?

You can pay tuition each month or each semester. Online Payments are through Duet Partner & Stripe.