Gallery & Testimonials


Shana has been phenomenal as my daughter's piano teacher over the past 3+ years. She is encouraging and helpful & my daughter has become quite accomplished! She looks forward to lessons.

[ Shannon D. Colorado Springs, CO]

Our daughter has had other teachers online and she couldn't understand or connect with reading music. Miss Shana has used 3 different methods and fun catchy supplemental music that has peaked my daughter's interest. I never thought you could learn online. Shana has proved its possible! 

[ Emma Brown, Washington]

Shana works very hard  with my child with ADHD and  Tourettes. Her patience is phenomenal and we are seeing progress not only with piano but with his confidence in his abilities. 

[ Michelle P. Peyton, CO]

We cannot fully express our gratitude and appreciation for Shana. She is an awesome piano teacher and knows how to work with each individual student’s style of learning. She is encouraging, positive and fully listens to the student, making the student feel heard and understood. Shana is responsible, timely, and respectful of the student’s lesson time. She utilizes interesting and modern teaching techniques to make music fun for her students. Our daughter grew and flourished tremendously as a piano student under Ms Shana’s guidance. We would recommend her to anyone and greatly miss her teaching style and warm personality!                                                  - Crystal de Blaeij

Shana is one of the best Teachers I’ve ever met.  She’s very thorough.  Her patience is phenomenal!  Our Girl started when she was 6 yrs old and loved it!  Shana is so kind and becomes a friend right away!  Don’t hesitate to contact her and take lessons you won’t regret it!    - Kristine Gibbs

Trinity Music Lessons

Ellen Steinlein

We’ve been taking lessons from Shana for 3 years. I started just as a fun hobby but then started working full time so I transferred my lessons to my kids aged 8 and 10. Shana makes lessons interactive, explains concepts in a way that is easy to understand, and knows how to motivate the kids while keeping them on top of what they’re learning. She does two recitals a year and meets you where you’re at while finding the perfect balance of keeping it fun but challenging at the same time. I highly recommend her!!!

Michelle Lynn

Shana is an amazing piano teacher. She sets the bar high, then helps guide and mold these young pianist to achieve those goals. The best part is watching them during recitals. They are so proud of their accomplishments.

Becky Mikita

Shana is an amazing piano teacher! She is great with kids and has even taught some adults. She is patient, encouraging and a very intuitive teacher. Her recitals are very well organized and she makes sure to showcase each student. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to play the piano.

Eric Flinders

My kids took lesson with Shana for several years and thrived under her teaching. She’s fantastic!

Evelyn Hernandez

Shana is so patient! She worked for almost a year with my 3 and 7 year old. We loved the games, activities and music choices that Shana offered for the girls. She leaned into the girls’ interests and helped them grow in their abilities! Especially with my 3 year old it was fun to see her grow and learn over the months. Would still be with her if she hadn’t moved away!!